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Say It Right: “Where Is the Bathroom?”

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Not really all that funny when you actually do have to go.

French: Où sont les toilettes?
Spanish: ¿Dónde está el baño?
Arabic: من فضلك ، فين الحمام؟
Mandarin: 厕所在哪儿 [Pinyin: Cèsǔo zài nǎ er?]
English: Bathroom?

  • Cyril

    Noticed the arabic pronunciation is missing, it goes like this: “MEN FAD-LAK, FEYN AL HAMMAM”

  • Erica Ho

    Thanks Cyril.

  • Bobby

    I wanna thank u for this great effort. I’m interested in languages and I believe that English is the most important language that everyone should learn because it’s the language of science and technology. Speaking English fluently depends on the stock of vocab a person has & how to use them correctly. As Saudis, we have problems in English (especially in speaking and writing. i.e. the productive language). I suggest that when u write new words (as u do), u may explain or show how to use them in spoken and written texts. Wish u all the best. & May Allah bless u.

    • Erica Ho


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