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Does TSA PreCheck Work With International Flights?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is only with select airlines.

Global Entry, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a fast pass onto every single international flight. Though 30 different airlines participate in TSA PreCheck, only 12 of those airlines are foreign carriers that participate. Notable exceptions include every single major Asian carrier, and other more prominent carriers like British Airways and Turkish Airlines.

At this point, though, every American airline is represented, including the tiny little ones, so that’s a step up from before.

Check this list for complete information.

Domestic International
Alaska Airlines
Allegiant Air
Air Canada
American Airlines
Aruba Airlines
Boutique Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Cape Air
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Etihad Airways
JetBlue Airways
Key Lime Air
Seaborne Airlines
Miami Air International
Sunwing Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Southern Airways Express
Sun Country Airlines
United Airlines
Virgin America
Xtra Airways


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