Defining the Word “Travelite”

  MH Staff   Less than a minute to read



  1. a traveler that likes to socialize with other travelers
  2. a frequent flier focused on loyalty status complete with an accompanying sense of entitlement
    “the travelite would like to check in his pet giraffe into the President’s suite”
  3. a word the Map Happy staff made up while intoxicated
    “dude, what if we just made up our own words like travelite”
    “travelite sounds like a struggling luggage company”


  1. the act of traveling light
    “it’s important to travelite”


Find Out What Happens to Illegal Food After It’s Confiscated

  Erica Ho   Less than a minute to read

I think I can see tears in her eyes she pulls out the Spanish salami. In Ellie Scaffa’s own words:

The grinder is great, sometimes I go home with a little bit of mango juice and passion juice on, it’s just having fun, the water’s splashing in your face… but this is what we have to do to protect American agriculture, it’s part of our job.