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Indulgent Travel Porn: National Geographic’s ‘Living in the Age of Airplanes’ Debuts April 10

I’m watching a documentary about airplanes up in the air on a private plane flight circling over Los Angeles. Did I mention Harrison Ford is involved? Yep, that Harrison Ford. read more »


Just a Quick Note

Each week, I personally oversee every story that gets published here, or am in the midst of writing several myself. read more »

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Texts From the Boarding Gate

Standing in line is boring but using it as time to get lost in a text conversation is not. *Warning: This contains material that is NSFW.* read more »


Map Happy Is Looking for Summer Interns

It’s that time again! We are looking for full-time interns (~30 hours) for summer 2015. read more »


The Zodiac Sign’s Guide to Your Next Vacation

Hi, I’m a Sagittarius, like long walks on the beach and yes, yes I do very much want to go to the Iceland. read more »


Map Happy Is Looking for a Spring Intern

Sydney can’t stay forever so Map Happy is looking for a part-time intern (~20 hours) for a minimum of two months starting in February 2015. read more »

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Santa does a lot of traveling every holiday season so it’s only fair he gets some status this year, amirite? Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for reading! Here’s from me, Karina and Sydney to you, wishing a belated holidays, much cheer and lots of (fun!) travel over the season. Go to Vegas or something.


Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ Gets Reviewed, Based on Sexiness

Marco Polo is hot and there are naked chicks swordfighting. Sydney and I rate each episode of Netflix’s new drama based on how many times one of the most famous travelers ever appears shirtless (and how many naked girls there are) in the most epic, horrible bingewatch of the holiday season. read more »

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s probably no more American holiday to us than Thanksgiving out of all the festivities throughout the year. (I personally refuse to believe it happens in October.) Here’s to turkey, pie and to the readers that keep this blog rockin.’ Thanks all and safe travels!


Get Unfiltered Internet Abroad With VyprVPN

Can you blame a girl for trying to get her Netflix fix while she’s out in Mongolia? Sometimes you need a break from the wild horses to catch up on The Tudors in your very own warm yurt. read more »


Map Happy Is Looking for an Intern

If you love to geek out on travel, read on. This just might be your thing. read more »


Here’s Advice About the Advice We Give

The problem with advice is that most people don’t know what to do with it. We dish out lots of travel advice here and now we’re going to dish some about our own advice. read more »


Follow Us on Instagram To Win Travel Gear

Do you have this thing called Instagram? Because if you do, you should follow us and jealously ogle at our tantalizing Fiji pictures. read more »

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Book Report: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I saw the movie once a couple of years ago and all I can remember thinking was how much Zooey Deschanel annoyed me. Thank god that even she couldn’t ruin the spirit of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for me. read more »


What Travel Milestones Have You Reached?

After a while, it gets easy to think you’ve seen it all and, worse, to begin taking things for granted. read more »

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