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Book Report: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I saw the movie once a couple of years ago and all I can remember thinking was how much Zooey Deschanel annoyed me. Thank god that even she couldn’t ruin the spirit of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for me. read more »


Map Happy Is Hiring

The good news? We have no time to make you go run and fetch coffee. But if you love to geek out on travel, read on. read more »


Introducing Our New Forums and Discussion System

The seasons are changing and so is the site. Starting now, we’re closing commenting for good and will be moving everyone toward our new discussion boards. read more »

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The Presidential Approach to Jet Lag

How has each leader of the free world approached the hazards of jet lag? Each personal technique seems just as different as how they liked their eggs for breakfast. read more »


This Is How You Visualize the World’s Time Zones

Some people are literal while some people are visual. Personally, I could stare at the following picture for hours. read more »


Get Your Travel Book Featured on StoryBundle

It’s cold, which means it’s time to huddle up with a book. Preferably yours. Hand me a hot chocolate while you’re at it, won’t you? read more »

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“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Is Required Viewing

There’s nothing better than ringing in the New Year with some popcorn, and to figure what’s next in the grand adventure of life. Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a good place to start. read more »


NOMO Design’s Airport Maps Spruces Up the Walls

In an attempt to hide the fact that I have no idea what to write for today, I present to you airport maps as wall décor, perfect for your expertly decorated vintage pad. read more »


The Art of Coping During a Staycation

As a kid, my father used to love to joke about wandering over to Disneyland and pretending we were from Illinois. Well, we must have lived less than five minutes away from the park. read more »


Someone Saw the Future Making this Security Spoof

If this is indicative of the future, better start brushing up on your Rubik’s cube skills.


Stay Updated With Our New Spankin’ Newsletter

Yup, we’ve gotten a newsletter now. Don’t feel like coming to the actual site? (Sob.) read more »

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Dude, Sometimes We Need To Take a Vacation Too

But we’re back! With new stuff, swagger and a brand new passport. (Literally. More on that later.) The point is, it’s time to roll in the new year with some stamps cause this clearly isn’t the place to come if you’re trying to cure your wanderlust. read more »


The Correct Way to Do Destination Weddings

They save up their vacation days and book a flight to Brazil. read more »


This Is an Airport Screening Courtesy PSA

Do everyone a favor by moving your belongings to the end of X-ray machine after you’ve been screened at the airport and then put on your shoes. Phew, that felt good.

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All Hail Paul Revere. Happy Fourth of July!

We would like to take this a break from this regularly scheduled programming to wish you a happy Independence Day no matter where you are. Even if you’re in England — hopefully the Tories don’t get to you!

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