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Don’t Pay in U.S. Dollars Abroad

Though I’ve pointed this out before, this is a reminder to decline to pay in dollars when you’re outside country borders. read more »

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The Best Credit and Debit Cards for Traveling

I think the time when Ben Franklin’s old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” rings truest is when I’m traveling abroad. ATM and foreign transaction fees just add up too fast. read more »

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Splitwise Is the Best Group Travel Expense Calculator

Heading to Colorado and renting out a house with a group of your friends is awesome. But figuring out who owes who what at the end is like entering the seventh circle of hell. read more »


Breaking Down Priority Pass Membership Pricing

Perhaps I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t try to requalify for Star Alliance Gold last year, but I really do miss my lounge benefits. read more »


Chase’s Purchase Protection Replaces My $700 Phone

Travel credit cards get touted for their benefits all the time, but it’s all moot if they don’t stand up to scrutiny when push comes to shove. read more »


Google Adds Foreign Currencies Together Easily

Googling can truly be an art form it itself sometimes. Technology, so great. read more »

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Why Vacationing Overseas Is Sometimes Cheaper

It seems preposterous, but my trip to another continent will probably end up costing less than my trip to California — and that’s including airfare. read more »


Reader Q: What’s the Best Way To Get Foreign Cash?

There are so many options to get foreign cash that it can be confusing. Chris wants to know the best and cheapest way to exchange U.S. dollars. read more »


Reader Q: Should I Get Car Rental Insurance?

Cars are a pain if you ask me, but Craig wants to know if he should buy rental car insurance. Little does he know he may already be covered. read more »

Take that, fees.

Credit Cards: Is the Chase Sapphire Preferred the Best?

If you follow any travel blog, you probably know that the Chase Sapphire Preferred gets peddled around the most like a cheap whore. read more »

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The Pros and Cons of Playing the Credit Card Game

I’ve been playing the travel game for a long time now, but for those who decide to do it by taking advantage of credit card sign-up bonuses, do so at your own risk. read more »


Place a Wallet Sideways To Avoid Pickpockets

You might want to read up if you’re tempted to follow the rubber-band wallet tactic. Who best to tell you how to avoid pickpockets straight from the mouth of one? read more »

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Is Disaster Tourism Worth It?

It’s pretty rare that I feel uncomfortable, but I was definitely second-guessing my decision to come to Egypt. Sometimes, disaster tourism can be the answer to rebooting a country’s broken economy. Other times, you probably shouldn’t be there. read more »


The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The crazy travel deals usually come the Monday following Thanksgiving, but it looks like some retailers are getting the party started early. read more »

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Why You Should Book Through a Foreign Airline’s Home-Country Website

Now why would you want to book on Air France’s French website instead of their American one? Sometimes, the easiest way to save a few bucks is to book an airline ticket on their home website. read more »

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