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Does the Bellroy Travel Wallet Live Up to the Hype?

If I was a man, the Bellroy Travel Wallet could be my spirit animal. The level of detail makes me certain they’ve seen into my soul as a frequent flier. read more »


How To Minimize Window Reflection in a Photo

There’s always spectacular cloud formations going on. The main caveat: the picture has to be taken through an airplane window. read more »


The Best Skype Alternatives for Travelers

Because it’s simply not efficient to snail-mail these days. read more »


Roomorama Hunts Down Vacation Rentals for You

It’s a big wide world out there beyond Airbnb. Take Roomorama, for one, where hosts clamor for guests instead of the other way around. read more »


How To Get Rid of Harsh Lighting in a Photo

This one is a simple trick — so much that I’m like duuuuh 🙈 again. read more »


Say It Right: “Where Can I Buy Stamps?”

Sending a letter is an art of it’s own. But first, you’re gonna need some stamps. read more »


Consider the GoBites Duo If You’re a Traveling Foodie

You could argue that spending money on a travel spork is either one of the most useful or useless things ever. I live to eat so I don’t care. read more »


The Best Free Offline Maps

I’m always happily the person who takes responsibility for knowing where to go or how to get there, even when I don’t really know how to get there. read more »


Who Has the Cheapest Calling Rate Overseas?

In which we pit the two heavyweights, Google Voice and Skype, against each other. read more »


Say It Right: “Can You Split This Bill?”

Dining out with friends ain’t always cheap. And when you’re traveling on a budget, it’s every man out for themselves. read more »

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The Cenzo Duffle Delivers a First-Class Bag at a Fraction of the Price

This bag makes me want to go and book a Singapore Airlines First Class suite and then drink so much champagne that the flight attendant has to drag me off at the end of the flight. And I would totally do that, if it didn’t mean I’d have to declare bankruptcy after. read more »


Say It Right: “Where Is the Pharmacy?”

Filling a prescription while traveling is a daunting task and it seems like knowing where to find meds is half the battle. read more »


The Most Useless Travel Products To Pack

There’s the good, bad and ugly of travel gear. I bristle when I think about all the gear I’ve purchased thinking I’d “need” it and went untouched for months. read more »


LoungeBuddy Is Practically Yelp for Airport Lounges

I’ll never forget my first introduction to airport lounges. I was discreetly loitering outside a lounge that had wide-open Wi-Fi, hoping the hours would pass quickly. read more »


The WhatsApp Web App Is Pretty Dumb

WhatsApp does international texting better than anyone else and I should have been thrilled it’s now possible to use on your computer. read more »

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