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T-Mobile Ditches Overseas Data Roaming for Good

All of a sudden, I feel vindicated for sticking with T-Mobile for over 10 years. read more »

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How the Sunbeam Travel Iron Holds Up on the Road

A travel iron isn’t really necessary unless you travel for business. There are still times, gasp, that I need to look like I just haven’t rolled out of bed and popped over to my kitchen table. read more »


Planning Out an Itinerary Using Custom Google Maps

Poutine. Oh my gawd, poutine. Now what is the most efficient route for embarking on a cheese curd, fries and gravy quest over a meager three days? read more »

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Hitting the Road With Uber’s Black Car Taxi Service

If you’re looking to save a few dollars, Uber ain’t it. You’d be taking the bus. But if you enjoy interacting with a taxi driver as little as humanly possible, you’ve come to the right place. read more »

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Why You Should Book Through a Foreign Airline’s Home-Country Website

Now why would you want to book on Air France’s French website instead of their American one? Sometimes, the easiest way to save a few bucks is to book an airline ticket on their home website. read more »


Planning an Affordable Trip with the Big Mac Index

I’m pretty sure I have an Excel sheet in the unfathomable depths of my computer’s hard drive somewhere, using the price of a Big Mac to figure out how expensive a country is. read more »

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The Basics to Couchsurfing Around the World for Free

I know it’s a little bit off-putting sleeping at a stranger’s place, but hey, I’m still alive after surfing and hosting in five different countries. read more »

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How to Use Google Voice to Stay Connected on Your Cell Phone Overseas

Want to keep using your cell phone like normal on vacation? If you really can’t put the phone down while you’re hanging out in Belize, you can almost stay just as connected with a few tricks – without huge roaming costs or relying on Wi-Fi. read more »


Denied for Global Entry? Here’s How To Fix That

I assume you’ve already thrown $100 down the drain, so it wouldn’t hurt to actually appeal the decision. You’re not going to walk through security and customs any faster, that’s for sure. read more »

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Should I Pack the Amex, Mastercard or Visa?

Probably the first thing you should do is to put down the Discover. You’re going through your wallet, trying to figure out which card to bring, right? read more »


The Scoop on Hipmunk’s Upgraded Search Engine

Hipmunk obviously attracts the hipsters, but it’s got a couple of things going for it. read more »

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How Rick Steves Personally Plans His Itineraries

I take it if the guy has launched a business empire on European travel, he probably knows a thing or two about trip planning. read more »


United’s TravelBank Gives Cash Back on Flights

Here’s a little secret: If you book directly on United’s website enough, they’ll give you money back after you’ve booked a few flights – even if it’s for someone else. read more »


Which Countries Actually Speak English?

No quieres aprender un lengua? I get it, you just want an easy vacation. It’s also the same reason why I keep daydreaming about Fiji beaches. read more »

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The Best Travel Adapter for Going Overseas

If it’s the one thing you should never leave home without, it’s an adapter. And no offense to the guys over at The Wirecutter, but I’ve blown out a few graveyards’ worth of travel adapters with the hairdryer in my time. read more »

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