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The Presidential Approach to Jet Lag

How has each leader of the free world approached the hazards of jet lag? Each personal technique seems just as different as how they liked their eggs for breakfast. read more »


Why Most Plane-Ticket Buying Advice is Bogus

Airline ticket buying advice is mostly all stupid. That is except, of course, mine. read more »


Reader Q: Should I Get Car Rental Insurance?

Cars are a pain if you ask me, but Craig wants to know if he should buy rental car insurance. Little does he know he may already be covered. read more »


Is It Possible To Hitchhike Safely?

It’s crazy to believe there are still places out there that practice it and that I won’t chance across a mass murderer by accident. read more »


Put Your Face on Your Luggage To Never Lose It

It’s certainly one way to make sure your luggage never ends up in the wrong hands. Not literally your face, but a picture of your face would probably suffice. read more »

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This Scratch Map Details All the Places You’ve Been

For years, I’ve been looking for the perfect map to adorn my walls. But I think I’ve finally found The One. This scratch-off map comes alive on the walls, revealing a kaleidoscope of colors once you’ve marked the places you’ve visited. read more »


Why Travel Notebooks Won’t Be Extinct Anytime Soon

It’s just not about having paper and pen handy when your phone dies on you. Though that certainly helps. read more »

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How To Survive a Long-Haul Flight With Finesse

I think it’s safe to say that no one enjoys long-haul flights. No one. But here’s how to safely survive a couple of days trapped in an aluminum cannister with your sanity intact. read more »


How To Make Cheap Airline Wine Taste Better

There’s actually a really easy way to make the swill on board taste a little bit better. read more »


Reader Q: The Fastest Way To Reach an Airline Rep?

Imagine actually holding airlines accountable for things that go wrong. Brianna wants to know the best way to actually get in touch with someone. read more »

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Is Airbnb Really Better Than Staying at a Hostel?

In the six years since Airbnb launched, the company has pretty much managed to redefine budget traveling. Since then, I’ve played the role as both host and guest in several countries and cities, with, more often than not, mixed feelings. read more »


The Pop-Up Brush Is a Crucial Tool in Every Suitcase

Sometimes when I’m on the road, and I see young, poor dreadlocked backpackers, the only thing I want to do is comb their hair. read more »


Is There a Magical Day To Book Your Plane Ticket?

The fact that people are obsessed with finding a magical day to book only proves buying airline tickets is a voodoo science. But here’s a number anyway. read more »


The Essentials of Every Toiletry Bag

I always keep one toiletry bag fully stocked because its one less thing I have to worry about when I’m packing. read more »

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The Vapur Eclipse Is the Best Collapsible Water Bottle

There’s a lot of collapsible water bottles on the market, but only one can be king. That’s why we decided to go ahead take a look at two fairly standard bottles to see how they held next to each other. read more »

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