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Is It Better To Drive or Fly Short Distances?

To test out this particular scenario, I actually tried to race a plane in my tiny little car. Talk about reenacting the tortoise and the hare. read more »


This Is How Airplane Seats Have Shrunk Over the Years

It’s a change passengers can literally feel. Want to know how bad it’s really gotten? read more »


Check Off This Rental Car List Before Driving Off the Lot

The first time I ever rented a car, I got a smokey Chrysler the previous driver tried to cover up with perfume. For three days, cigarette smoke seeped into my clothes. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Mexico

No, going to Mexico doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be kidnapped and murdered. In fact, its international reputation practically ensures there’s a treasure trove of secrets and gems visitors are delighted to discover. read more »


How To Pay for Gas in the U.S. With a Foreign Credit Card

Riddle me this: How do you pay for gas at the pump when it asks you for a five-digit zip and your zip code isn’t five digits? read more »

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Airbnb Charges a Foreign Transaction Fee (and This Is How You Beat It)

Imagine my surprise when I found out Airbnb charges a foreign transaction fee on top of listings booked outside the country. read more »


T-Mobile Expands Free Coverage to Canada and Mexico

Existing customers will have to consciously opt-in with T-Mobile for this to take effect today. read more »


Can You Just Flash Any Credit Card To Get Lounge Access?

No need to have a working Amex to get lounge access and free beer. read more »

Margaret Lin

Is Children’s Toothpaste Really Perfect for Travel?

Sometimes childhood dreams are too good to be true. read more »

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Savannah Van der Niet / Flickr

The airplane became the first world wide web, bringing people, languages, idea and values together.


The Real Cost of the Same-Day Change Fee

There’s a new standby option in town and it’s called the same-day change fee. read more »


How To Beat Exploding Liquids at Their Own Game

Put a plastic bag on it. To prevent a volcano in your suitcase. read more »

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How To Mastermind Car Rental Corporate Codes Without Getting Caught

This isn’t about debating the ethics of using a discount code. It’s about saving $$$ when things are a bit tight. read more »


Read This If You’ve Ever Lost a Global Entry Card

Ever think, “by golly, I’m really freakin’ dumb?” read more »


Last Day to Join Frontier’s Discount Den for Free

Frontier’s discounted bag program will no longer be free starting July 1, so it’s the last day to ensure as much savings as possible. read more »

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