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The Guide To Finally Decoding Frequent Flyer Programs

I once had a friend who couldn’t understand why he should care about frequent flyer programs until I once pointed out he was missing out on a free domestic flight for the two international flights he was already taking every year. The next day, he signed up. read more »


Does the Bellroy Travel Wallet Live Up to the Hype?

If I was a man, the Bellroy Travel Wallet could be my spirit animal. The level of detail makes me certain they’ve seen into my soul as a frequent flier. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Vietnam

There’s something to be said about visiting the country where your parents were born and raised for the first time. And sometimes there’s that glimpse of understanding into who they are. read more »


The Airport That Has the Fastest Wi-Fi Is…

Okay, I’ll tell you after the jump. I just couldn’t give away all my pearly golds, could I? read more »


How To Use a Selfie Stick for Dummies

I have a confession. It’s not that I have a selfie stick but that I’ve become somewhat reliant on it. read more »

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Why All Carry-On Liquid Bottles Aren’t Created Equal

It makes the most financial sense to buy refillable plastic bottles for traveling but that doesn’t mean God created them the same. (Okay, humans created them.) read more »


The Most Insane Way To Transfer an Airline Ticket

This is probably the weirdest trick to save money I’ve ever heard about. Time to lock in the honeymoon? read more »


Ticking the ADA Box May Lower Hotel Room Prices

I’m not suggesting to book a handicapped hotel room. But there seems to be empirical evidence it can lower the cost of regular rooms. read more »


How To Perfect the Art of Haggling on Airbnb

Asking is the quickest way to get a discount but it’s also the quickest possible way to piss off an Airbnb host. read more »


Now You Can Netflix Binge at a Marriott All Day Long

Think Netflix. Now think Netflix plus big comfy hotel bed. Marriott has the answer. read more »


How To Find That Perfect Offbeat Destination

Pop quiz: What city hosts the world’s biggest carnival celebration? Nope, not Rio. read more »

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The Rules for Crashing at a Friend’s Place

My assumption is that you’re poor… because you’re poor. Just calling it like I see it otherwise there’s no reason for you to be on the couch. read more »

Exhibit A.

Getting Around Frontier and Spirit Carry-On Bag Fees

There’s a loophole. There’s actually a loophole. read more »


Finally, There’s Free Booze on United Again

That is, for international flights. Yay, Prohibition is over (kinda). read more »

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The Very Easy Way To Live and Work Abroad Instantly

All it takes is 30 minutes to fill out a form online. Seriously. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Okay, I don’t really want to stick a needle in my eye. read more »

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