I know you asked me one of these questions otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

I’m having trouble figuring out this hack. Can I email you?

Sure. We get a ton of email and we try to answer every email from every reader. It might take us a while to get back to you, though, so if you’re on a time-sensitive deadline, take the time to read through the comments. Chances are someone’s already asked.

Can you book my ticket for me? I need to book it like now!

Unfortunately, we don’t function as a travel agency. Though I’m sure I would do a really good job of being one.

Will you cover my travel company? We’re going to disrupt the travel market!

We always love hearing from people working on new products. Perhaps your new product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Regardless, the number one thing that keeps us from covering an innovative new product is usability.

Products and services still in beta, testing, and the prototype phase are usually too limited in functionality and too early-stage to be of any use to the average consumer. There’s no greater red flag than when we’re “invited” to try something out. I don’t have time to sign up and add my email to yet another mailing list. Trust me, I am not a lonely soul.

There is only one question we ask when evaluating a company:

Is this useful to me when I plan my travels? Can I use this in every market I go to? Are there lots of markets covered?

If you can’t tell, the sole thing we focus on is practicality and functionality. Take the time to consider these questions before you hit the Send button to us.

(That said, I love Kickstarters. I think there should be innovative travel gear. The problem with Kickstarter is these products usually fall under the “prototype” problem. Unless I can see how one actually holds up in real life, I’m probably not inclined in covering it. What happens if I write about your product and it never goes into production? Or if it falls apart after five seconds? That’s not a great recommendation to the people who read this blog. I really just don’t want anyone to waste $300 of their hard-earned dollars because of me.)

Occasionally, we’ll hear about something really great with a fantastic concept. But we still may pass it on because a) you don’t have the traction and breadth to be widely useful or 2) the functionality isn’t quite ironed out. But don’t forget to come back and e-mail us again! Make something so compelling that we have to write about it. A great example of this is Splitwise.

Besides, it’s not like I want to write [company name] and [product name] sucks. I don’t enjoy that. No one does.

Will you give me feedback over our product?

Maybe. Depends on how I feel.

Do you accept guest posts?

Duh, of course! We love interesting content from interesting people. We also like travel hacks. Lots and lots of travel hacks.

But we don’t like accepting guest posts from people acting on behalf of companies and their clients. This violates all of our editorial guidelines. In our mind, that’s a sponsored post. This site runs on the integrity and respect of our readers.

I recently wrote a post on the “15 Greatest Places to Breathe Air in Dubai.” Will you accept this post for your site?

No. If the piece is focused on a destination, we will most likely pass on it. The main exception is if you want to write for our Quick Lowdown series.

If you work for a company, consider a sponsored post.

What do you consider a sponsored post?

These posts usually come from a company of some sort, are paid to run on the site and follow our advertising guidelines. That means it’s labeled and disclosed as such—instead of appearing to come from an individual—and follow FTC and Google guidelines (there’s really no negotiation on that). Posting it any other way is just sneaky.

And I don’t like being sneaky to our readers.

Why not?

Because I don’t like to be sold false information that’s purposefully misrepresented. Do you?

Are there other guidelines for sponsored posts?

There’s a bunch of technical bits and pieces that we adhere to per Google’s website policies. Please contact [email protected] for more details, pricing and our media kit.

Why can’t you run my sponsored post for free?

Because people got to eat.