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Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s probably no more American holiday to us than Thanksgiving out of all the festivities throughout the year. (I personally refuse to believe it happens in October.) Here’s to turkey, pie and to the readers that keep this blog rockin.’ Thanks all and safe travels!


What a Hotel Concierge Actually Does

No figure in the hospitality industry mystifies me more than the hotel concierge. read more »


How Yelp Revolutionized the Idea of Spontaneous Travel

Ten years ago, I remember going to New York City for the first time ever. I had zero idea where to start but I remembered that I could check Citysearch. read more »

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The Guide to Carrying on Holiday Foods and Goodies

Thanksgiving and the holidays: It’s peak travel time, peak chow time, and, if you’re like me and wanting to cling for a taste from home, peak traveling with chow time. read more »

Bring the bathroom sink.

This Travelon Toiletry Bag Brings the Bathroom Sink

It’s partially out of habit and partially out of necessity that I always pack three—or more, I’ll confess—small toiletries bags when I travel. read more »

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How To Survive the Airport During the Holidays

While the holidays are about nice, happy things like spending time with family, it’s really every person for him or herself at the airport. Better get your battle helmet on. read more »


How To Bring a Pumpkin Pie on the Plane

Nothing says adulthood like learning to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. I’ve already started baking pumpkin and salty honey pies in prep for a real gutfest. read more »


It’s Time To Start Booking Christmas Tickets

Going to go home for the holidays? Better buy those tickets within the next two weeks. Going abroad then? You’re already screwed. read more »


The Everlane Weekender Only Looks Good. That’s It.

Make no mistake, the Everlane Weekender is a classy bag. This is something I’d get for my boyfriend… and then later sneak out to the airport with while he’s sleeping. read more »

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Why Thanksgiving Is the Best Time To Travel Business

Everyone’s getting ready for turkey and some serious travel but maybe what I should do is fly business and grab the turkey in Amsterdam instead. read more »


Get the Cheapest Hotel Rate With Three People

I’ve figured out how to get the best deal on pretty much any hotel room. It’s not some big secret or new app. It just requires the right numbers. read more »

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The Complete Guide To Hacking In-Flight Wi-Fi

Going to bite the bullet to get online, are you there? This is the complete set of tricks to doing it the right way without getting robbed and coughing up full price. read more »


How Long Travel-Sized Shampoo Will Last You

Ever get ready for a long trip and wonder whether that travel-sized bottle of shampoo is going to cut it? Should you throw in another bottle just in case? read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Australia Travel

There used to be a point in time where I used to joke around that if I had to fly to Australia one more time, I would just finally move there. read more »


How To Make Your Flight Attendant Like You

Maybe you don’t want to please your cabin crew next time you fly. I know, I know, it’s their job to be nice, you’re the customer, they’re the employee. read more »

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