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Beware Booking Through Wegolo

There are PLENTY of lessons in this cautionary tale — a company that doesn’t have a customer help phone number on its site probably shouldn’t be trusted. read more »

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The Rules of Engagement—or Flirting—on a Plane

Look, it happens. Sometimes you end up sitting next to someone who’s not only age appropriate and single but attractive. The situation being what it is, the captivity of the plane can either be the best or worst place to make your move. read more »


How the TravelWise Packing Cubes Converted Me

The end result of packing always looks like I triumphed in a very complicated and convoluted game of Tetris. read more »


How Tourists Cripple Local Economies by Overpaying

I always feel uncomfortable about how much I tip in impoverished countries. Should it be more, just because? That person was nice and attentive… read more »

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The Muji Hard Suitcase Might Be the Best Budget Carry-On Luggage Out There

If you love me, you’ll buy me luggage. From that perspective, Muji’s hard case suitcase is straight up pure travel porn. It’s also the best thing I’ve reviewed on this site so far, at a price that can’t be beat. read more »


Southwest Launches Free Beats Music Streaming

I haven’t really written enough about Southwest but the company announced yesterday that from now on, it will offer free Beats music streaming for its passengers. read more »


Your Global Entry Card as Counts as Valid ID

That means if you’re a Global Entry member, you can show them that card instead of your driver’s license at the security checkpoint. read more »


Shopping Abroad? Don’t Forget To Claim a VAT Refund

Did you know that you can get money back on your purchases in places like… every EU country? Puts some spring in your Paris shopping, doesn’t it. read more »

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HomeAway Is Vacation Rentals Without Airbnb’s Fees

It’s a big, wide world of vacation listings out there, each with its own set of options, niches and fees. One of the biggest is HomeAway, which likes to deliver without the latter. read more »


T-Mobile Offers Free In-Flight Texting With Gogo

Maybe I’m a little bit late on the game here but since September, T-Mobile customers can text in-flight for free in conjunction with Gogo. read more »


Map Happy Is Looking for an Intern

If you love to geek out on travel, read on. This just might be your thing. read more »

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Lyft Line Trumps UberPool in Carpool Showdown

Even though Lyft and Uber have been branded as ridesharing companies for a long time, it has only been now the two companies have competing carpooling services. Overall, Lyft Line is the clear winner with its friendlier and upfront pricing. read more »


In Defense of the Selfie Stick

These days there is nothing more polarizing than the selfie. Equally maligned is the tool that helps make those shots happen: the selfie stick. read more »


The Cheat Sheet to Flight Refunds (Within 24 Hours)

Shit, booked the wrong connection? Each airline gives customers 24 hours to cancel and change their ticket, without penalty. And we’ve got the deets. read more »


The Quick Lowdown to Turkey Travel

Dive into Turkey, with everything you need to know in a quick glance. This is only a taster of the hot mess of West and East you’re about to encounter. read more »

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