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How To Pack Light as a Girl (and Stay Stylish)

Being a girl can work to your assets or against you when it comes to traveling light. Fortunately I’ve had 28 years to deal with my baggage. read more »


Reader Q: My Miles Credited to the Wrong Airline!

Joel wants to know what happens when the miles finally show up but in the wrong account. Unfortunately, there’s not a quick fix. read more »

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The Best Travel Workout Routines for the Road

I am of the thought that vacation should really be treated as a vacation — sleep until you want, do what you want, eat what you want, etc. But I’m also one of those people who can only go so long without working out before I go stir crazy. read more »


When Mileage Runs Are (and Aren’t) Worth It

When I hear about people mileage running, I want to wince. Who wants to spend six days in the air just to gain status? read more »


Apps That Work Without Paying for In-Flight Wi-Fi

Maybe I’m a sucker because I pay for in-flight Wi-Fi. Turns out there’s a bunch of services on your phone that work without needing to pay up. read more »

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How To Pick Between a Bulkhead or Exit-Row Seat

Ask anyone about what they think the best seat is on the plane and they’re bound to tell you it’s the bulkhead or an exit-row seat. However, each type of seat comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. read more »


What You Can Learn From the TSA’s Instagram

What do firearms, doggies and a potload of weed all have in common? I’ll let you take a guess. read more »


The Best Items To Buy Duty-Free at the Airport

I never paid attention to airport duty-free shops until I moved my life outside the U.S. to a country with seriously tight importation policies. read more »


Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Black Suitcase

Do you actually enjoy spending time at the luggage carousel waiting for your bag? Then, by all means, please buy a black suitcase. read more »


Use the Rule of Thirds To Compose Your Travel Photos

Kickass travel photos with learning the basic elements of a photo and how to compose one. If you’ve been centering the main objects in each photo, STOP. read more »

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Reviewing the Light, “Indestructible” Crumpled City Maps

I am merciless with my maps. Sometimes after going through a three-day beating with me, a map will be completely unrecognizable. (“What did you DOOOO?” is something I hear a lot.) read more »


Here’s Advice About the Advice We Give

The problem with advice is that most people don’t know what to do with it. We dish out lots of travel advice here and now we’re going to dish some about our own advice. read more »


How To Cope With a Travel Hangover Post-Trip

So after I wrapped my latest two-week excursion in New York and Portland, I may have been dealing with a few different types of hangover. read more »

bar Inside a lounge at Chitose airport in Japan. (Miki Yoshihito / Flickr)

Are Airport Lounges Worth It?

It’s easy to fall in the trap to think because most North American lounges suck, all lounges are like that. But when I’m gunning for status, I’m not gunning for free upgrades or checked baggage. I’m gunning for lounge access. read more »


Explaining CLEAR’s Benefits

Things really are looking up when it comes to airport security these days. Not only is it possible to jump the line but there is more than one way it can be done. read more »

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