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How to Earn Miles Without Flying

There are plenty of ways to rack up frequent flyer miles, no flying required. read more »


Frontier’s Baggage Fees Get a Price Hike Today

But what most people probably don’t realize is that there is a very, very simple way to avoid them. read more »


Would You Travel More or Travel Posh?

Explain if you don’t fall into either camp!


How To Get Rid of Harsh Lighting in a Photo

This one is a simple trick — so much that I’m like duuuuh 🙈 again. read more »


The Best Reasons To Cruise Into the Great Unknown

Seniors playing shuffleboard, bland buffets for every meal: It’s really, really easy to stereotype. read more »

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When Lightning Strikes Airplanes

They say it’s more probable to get struck by lightning than to die in a plane crash, but most people don’t know that planes get struck by lightning all the time. Al the time! read more »


How the British Airways Avios Changes Affect You

One of my favorite secret little “hacks” is using British Airways to redeem points for domestic fights via American Airlines. read more »


Stop Fighting for Overhead Bin Space Already

Beccaauuse no flight attendant is going to say your bag is not making it on the flight and goodbye! to every piece of clothing you own. read more »


Uber Partners With Capital One for 20% Discount

First came Marriott, then came Capital One in a baby carriage. read more »

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Why the Hotel Can Be the Destination Itself

Sometimes, the hotel is the only place I want to see and be. I’m not talking about losing touch with the world in an overly indulgent all-inclusive, either, but about being surrounded by art, architecture, culture, history and the best that a country can offer. read more »


Say It Right: “Where Can I Buy Stamps?”

Sending a letter is an art of it’s own. But first, you’re gonna need some stamps. read more »


Consider the GoBites Duo If You’re a Traveling Foodie

You could argue that spending money on a travel spork is either one of the most useful or useless things ever. I live to eat, so I don’t care. read more »


The Secret To Packing Light

…is buying a small bag. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Cuba Travel

For decades it’s been Americans’ forbidden fruit, a place where only devil-may-care travelers would slip past international borders, taking care not to have their passport stamped. read more »


The Quick Guide to In-Flight Exercises

I consider Karina the expert on this one but in case your eyes glaze over every time they see a block of text, here’s a concise guide. read more »

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