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News Bits: Sarkozy’s Here To Stay and Whitney’s Still Dead

It’s absolute Linsanity that Adele won the Album of the Year at the Grammys but everyone’s still wondering how Ms. Whitney Houston died in the middle of the Chinese VP’s visit. The nerve!

Here’s what happened while you were traversing across the Amazon:

  • Adele swept the floor at the Grammys. According to my Facebook NewsFeed, she also talked about snot. But no one cares because…
  • Everyone is still wondering about Whitney. Was it drugs? Xanax? Tylenol?
  • Not that Jeremy Lin seems to care. The man led the New York Knicks to five straight victories. Who is he, again?
  • It’s not all about the celebrities either. Xi Jinping, the next to follow after Hu Jintao, is in the States. Presumably to talk about, umm, China.
  • …Which is something Nicholas Sarkozy is going to have to deal with, if he’s gunning for that second term.

This is the first post in a weekly news roundup for all you busy travelers out there.

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