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We’re Giving Away Some Airline Goodies

OMG! We’re giving away two United coupons off your next flight and two United lounge passes so you can experience the magical world behind the gated (airport) curtain. That’s practically like me dropping $300 on the ground for you to pick up.

There are some ground rules, though. You’ve gotta like our Facebook page or add us on Google+, starting today. We’ll do the drawing on May 12, 2012, so throw your name in the hat before then. And how many people get to win the magical prizes?

  • Two people will win (1) United airline coupon up to $100 USD off.*
  • Another person will get (2) United one-time lounge passes.

Everyone else gets a pat on the back for reading us. But on the other hand, if only three people enter, then the odds are probably in your favor. Buena suerte!


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