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It’s Time to Book That Summer Vacation Now

I’m going to hibernate for the summer, but I’m just letting you know if you plan on going anywhere from now to the end of August, you better buy your tickets before April is over. Unless you’ve got children, I honestly don’t understand the reasoning for traveling when its peak time. The way, I see it, fares often skyrocket faster than the thermometer and you also have to put with crowds of loud, sneaker-wearing tourists everywhere you go. Oh wait, I am American.

Try to think of this as a courtesy service announcement. The cheapest deals to be found are often sold in the season right before the season you want to travel. So if you want to travel in the summer, buy in the spring. Aiming for the winter? Buy early fall. With April pretty much shutting its doors in a few weeks, you’ve only got a few weeks left before everything is going to get nuts-expensive. That is, if it’s not already expensive. It’s just going to get more wallet-punching from here on out.

Buy now. Buy early next week.

However, I’m looking forward to my first summer at home in the U.S. after living overseas for four years. I’ll spend it like I spend every other summer: vacationing in front of my air conditioner. Or go find a nearby beach. Sweaty crowds, a burning sun and selling organ parts to go somewhere just don’t do it for me.

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