Tom Ayzenberg / YouTube

Tom Ayzenberg Demonstrates “Clown Style” Packing

I didn’t even know that a “clown style” of packing even existed. But hey, all the more power to it if it means I can cram in more than I could previously cram in before.

Though this video has been hanging around the Internet (and Reddit, so therefore everything that constitutes life) since 2010, it’s the first time I’ve seen it. While I’m still amazed over how he manages to stuff everything in there, I’m still convinced the key to better packing is just about learning to pack less.

The way Ayzenberg manages to pack everything so neatly basically revolves the fact that he “nests” layers of clothes. He first layers pairs of pants in the opposite direction, letting the “tails” hang out. Then he stacks and alternates shirts on top of it with the sleeves folded in. Confusing? Yeah, just watch the video.

I’m still wondering what it would be like trying to get those pair of jeans out.

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