Google Adds Foreign Currencies Together Easily

Googling can truly be an art form it itself sometimes. Technology, so great.

Did you know Google will add different currencies without having to convert them to a common currency beforehand? It’s a small little tip I always naturally assumed anyone worth their salt in the Googl3 would know. But everyone is not a closet geek, has Asperger’s or lives in San Francisco. It works particularly well for setting budgets, when you’ll be operating in more than one currency oftimes.

If you type a string of currencies into Google’s search box on the homepage, the results will automatically display with the result in your home currency. You’ll need to use the official ISO 4217 codes to clarify which currencies you’re calculating, but it’s not hard. For instance, “15 USD + 5 GBP + 250 MXN” quickly returns with $42.80.

Easy as pie.
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Easy as pie.

Look at that — you don’t even have to hit enter.

Google Adds Foreign Currencies Together Easily via @maphappy
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