Fast Track Toward Hilton HHonors Status

Hilton HHonors seems to be running a promotion where they’re making it easy peasy to gain status. Do I need to dangle the free Wi-Fi carrot again?

I was skimming Points, Miles & Martinis earlier this morning when I saw this promotion currently being offered. Though the offer seems to be geared toward American Express Corporate Card members, it seems like anyone with the link can register. I normally don’t post offers like this on the site but even I might jump on this one because my HHonors Gold status will be expiring within the next half year.

To qualify for elite status, all you have to do is complete two stays in the next 90 days. If you want Gold, all you have to do is complete four stays instead of the prerequisite two. Though that sounds like a lot, it really isn’t: for instance, you can break a four-night stay into four separate reservations. Admittedly, there’s some hassle involved with that but all I can tell you is that I definitely appreciate my HHonors Gold status when someone hands me eight breakfast vouchers and I’m lounging around in my corner room.

Just to give you some perspective about how much work it takes to get status normally, it takes about 4 stays or nights to earn Silver (what it would take to earn Gold here) and 20 stays or 40 nights to get Gold (five times the work you’re doing here). There seems to be no telling when the deal will expire, so register for it while you can.

Though there are certain benefits to being Silver, I always say the real benefits kick in at Gold. Here’s a brief overview of the last time I covered it when there was a shortcut to status:

  • Something called”eCheck-In,” that allows you to check-in 24 hours in advance
  • Late and express checkout
  • Free Wi-Fi in any of the Hilton chains
  • A choice between a bonus 1,000 points or a continental breakfast
  • Access to fitness centers and health clubs
  • Your hubby/wifey gets to stay gratis
  • Two complimentary water bottles per stay
  • Every four nights you stay, you get the fifth night free

In comparison, this is all you get with Silver:

  • 15% bonus on all HHonors Base Points earned
  • Complimentary access to hotel-owned-and-operated health clubs
  • Access to Elite only rewards

The last time I attained status, it seemed to last for almost two years so you’ve definitely got some time to enjoy the perks. I’m not a frequent Hilton stayer but even I can’t complain.

Fast Track Toward Hilton HHonors Status via @maphappy
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