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Lay Carry-On Suitcases Headfirst on the X-Ray Belt

Little did I know most airport security procedures prefer you lay your suitcase lengthwise—handle going in headfirst—along the scanner belt. This prevents the suitcase from being ‘caught’ on the belt and lets it enter the X-ray machine much smoother. I chalk this post up to the fact that I usually travel with a backpack.

It’s the exact same reason why deviled eggs and avocados are sliced lengthwise instead of at their widest middle point. (It makes the core easier to access; in this case, you’re making it easier for the X-ray machine to read the bag.) Seems like a simple concept but a little thought and consideration can speed up the entire process for everyone rushing to catch their flight.

It’s the little things that count.


Lay Carry-On Suitcases Headfirst on the X-Ray Belt via @maphappy
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