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Here’s Advice About the Advice We Give

The problem with advice is that most people don’t know what to do with it. We dish out lots of travel advice here and now we’re going to dish some about our own advice.

A lot of travel is just doing and I suggest you do the same with what you read here. Information is useless unless you can translate it into action. For instance, I can tell you that it’s best to be flexible in your travel plans to get cheaper tickets but I can’t actually make you be flexible in your travel plans. It’s one thing to read that and it’s another thing completely to actually apply it and see that suggestion reflected in your air ticket’s final cost.

Over the some twenty-plus countries I’ve been to, I’ve made a lot, and I mean a lot, of mistakes along the way. Granted, sometimes making mistakes is part of the adventure. Sometimes you get a chance to go back to a place and make up for that mistake… but sometimes you don’t.

So while some of our advice can sound generic, it’s not. If I suggest that you hang up and try again with an airline representative if you’re not getting the result you want, that’s what I’m really suggesting. Everything Karina and I suggest, we do. I like to think our experiential approach to this blog challenges us to become better, smarter and more educated travelers—no matter how much we think we’ve got it figured out—and challenges you to be a better traveler. One-up me like Ted did and then send that tip to us.

I make a conscious effort to make sure everything published is as actionable as possible. I don’t know how long this trip is going to last but let’s make it a good one.

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