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It’s Time To Start Booking Christmas Tickets

Going to go home for the holidays? Better buy those tickets within the next two weeks. Going abroad then? You’re already screwed.

Kayak emailed us a couple of weeks ago saying that it’s time of the year again, you know, the mistletoe, your aunt-in-law’s ham and exorbitant plane ticket prices. But how else are you going to see the fam bam? Considering its practically Thanksgiving already, it’s time to act. (December 1 is actually Cyber Monday so if you want to stick around, we’ll be rounding up a list of the best travel deals out there.)

Don’t you love it when media organizations rehash press releases? Good. A Kayak spokeswoman said:

For domestic travel, we recommend booking 3 weeks in advance. Booking windows are tight, so look to the first week of December for savings around 5%. If you wait too long, mid-December fares begin to steadily increase and you could be looking at average fares that are as much as 36% above the average fare and 50% above the lowest average fare.

For international travel, similar to Thanksgiving, booking ASAP is the best way to go. Based on our 2013 data, average airfare rose more than $600 from July through the holiday. Those who wait until December to book travel abroad may see average fare increases as high as 33%, 16%, and 56% for Asia, the Caribbean and South America, respectively. Quick tip for the Caribbean: If you must wait until December to book, early December saw average fares decrease up to 10% for the region.

If you’re looking to get crunk for New Year’s Eve, it’s better to hold off just a little bit longer. Said the ladies behind the door:

In this case, it’s better to wait a tad: The lowest average fares for domestic travel were found in early December, saving travelers up to 10%. Just don’t wait too long — mid-December fares begin to climb and you could be looking at paying up to an 11% premium vs. the average fare.

There you have it.

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