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Southwest Launches Free Beats Music Streaming

I haven’t really written enough about Southwest but the company announced yesterday that from now on, it will offer free Beats music streaming for its passengers. Beats was acquired by Apple back in May.

The New York Times has the deets:

When passengers first connect and open a web browser, Southwest’s webpage will show a prominent Beats Music button. From there, Beats will ask some questions about the listener’s location, mood and musical preferences to make a playlist automatically.

Each passenger will get three free songs before Beats asks for your email address to keep listening. At that point, you’ll have to make the wager whether you want to get spammed from Beats for some free entertainment but I guess I’ve already sold my soul out to a lot of companies. Still not nearly as cool as free texting.

Southwest Launches Free Beats Music Streaming via @maphappy
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[The New York Times]

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