Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ Gets Reviewed, Based on Sexiness

Episode 6: White Moon

The Blue Princess is a fraud! I’m not sure why it was so necessary to kill herself like that. It’s cold in Mongolia, don’t you know? The current blue princess seems to be jealous of wrestling girl, Khutulun. Khutulun is coming to stay for good. Do I smell a possible love triangle?

BP is giving the gems to her subjects but why? I can suppose it only has something to do with the tree. That’s silly, child. Don’t you need money to run away? Stop pawning your possessions.

There is some bad blood between Jingim and a bastard son of the Khan’s. Sanga’s family is questioned because Sanga is suspected for being responsible for the assassins. Marco tries to find who Sanga’s proxy was. Is it Yusuf? It’s all very suspicious and we’ll pretty much learn nothing from this entire ideal.

Meanwhile, the Song are dealing with their own set of issues. Mei Lin, the Royal Concubine, has been asked to assassinate someone. The Royal Concubine fails to murder her target but I kinda have to give her props for the way that she chooses to do it. The Chinese Empress dismisses Sidao from his post. DISMISSED. *snaps fingers*

Marco is at this point, way too involved in Blue Princess’ junk but can’t extricate himself from what his cock is telling him to do. He gets all jels and does not bring the gemstones to that Bayaut survivor in hiding, Tulga. He confronts the girl. Erstwhile, the Empress decides it’s time to do something about the Blue Princess’ single status.

Mei Lin loses her shit and the Empress kicks some serious ass.

Shirtless Marco: 0
Naked Girls: 10*

Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’ Gets Reviewed, Based on Sexiness via @maphappy
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