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Now Is the Best Season to Travel for Savings

It’s that time of year again. The holiday travel season is winding down which actually means it’s time to do all the serious traveling.

I’m not just talking about work travel (although I am heading off to a conference in a few weeks) but I’m also talking about pleasure travel as well. I’ve always preferred the off-season travel period for a variety of reasons: less crowds, cheaper airfare, okay fine, how about cheaper everything. It’s when a $1300 ticket to Asia magically morphs into a $650 ticket. That’s why you save your vacation for now if you’re smart.

Perhaps the nice thing about it all is it’s okay to get a little lazy about booking tickets since the airlines are about to start their sales any day now. Time to reap the savings!

Now Is the Best Season to Travel for Savings via @maphappy
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