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Map Happy Gets Offline Friendly

Need to print something or send it to a Kindle for quick reference? Great, cause it’s now easier to bring our posts on the road.

So maybe I’m more excited about this than I should be but if you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll notice there’s two new buttons on the top-right corner of each post have just been hanging out there for the last few days. These buttons will allow you to print articles or send them to your Kindle for offline viewing. It’s perfect if you’ve got some downtime on the bus.

In fact, that’s just not any old Print button either — it takes a page directly out of PrintFriendly’s playbook, one of the most useful web apps I’ve ever seen for getting content into a printable format (no need to waste kill trees and toner on useless, ugly ads). In addition to printing, PDF exporting and emailing, it will also format and delete content, strip images and resize text. In other words, it makes articles readable. Definitely give it a try and let us know if you like it.

Printing should not be a miserable experience.

That book icon with the “K” to the right of the Print button is our new Kindle-friendly button. If you’re heading for the road soon but want to save something later for offline reading, guess what? Just push it and you can read the article later on any Kindle app or device. (Perfect for our Quick Lowdown series, amirite?)

Hopefully it’s convenient if you’re traveling and have no data access or if you just want something solid in your hands. Any tech that makes going offline easier, I’m all about.

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