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The Zodiac Sign’s Guide to Your Next Vacation

Hi, I’m a Sagittarius, like long walks on the beach and yes, yes I do very much want to go to the Iceland. But then again, I’m pretty much down to go anywhere, so I don’t know if this guide is accurate. My aunt did tell me I’m the wanderer of the zodiac.

NeoMam Studios has compiled an infographic on where you should go based on your astrological sign, and yes I know, it’s not exactly travel-hacky but can you forgive me if I just want to daydream about Iceland for five minutes instead of daydreaming about points and miles.

They’ve based destinations off several popular astrology websites including Astrology.com.au and Astrostyle (I may or may not read that site in my offtime.) So, what’s your sign?


[NeoMam Studios]

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