Uber Partners With Capital One for 20% Discount

First came Marriott, then came Capital One in a baby carriage.

Uber has partnered with Capital One to give Uber riders 20% back on every ride they take through April 30, 2016. Great for you Uber power users.

Capital One’s Quicksilver card is not a typical travel card I’d generally recommend but, in general, it seems like a good cash back card—even if it’s perhaps not the best—offering 1.5% cash back on every day purchases. The Uber deal just takes it one step further. (It’s worth noting the 20% comes back as a statement credit at the end of the month). Again, consider travel patterns and figure out if it’s worth it to you.

As a little side bonus, eligible Capital One cardholders new to Uber will get their first two rides free, up to $30 per ride. In order to be eligible Capital One users must sign up with their card and enter the promo code CAPITALONE before June 30, 2015.

Sucks for us but I guess I already have it pretty good.


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