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Never Get Lost Again With This Basic Trick

Some people are born with a sense of direction and some aren’t. I just happen to be born with an excellent one, even if I don’t know where most countries are on the map.

Sometimes, it fails me too. But I always grab the hostel’s or hotel’s business card when I check in, in case. That way, when it’s time to get lost—accidentally or purposefully—I can wander to a pedestrian who can point me in the right direction. Or I can hand it to a taxi driver who will drive me where I’m supposed to be. (Even if they have NO idea where it is, they can call the phone number on the business card to get someone who knows.)

Of course, it’s moot if you have a data connection. But it’s nice to know some things can still be solved without Google Maps.

Never Get Lost Again With This Basic Trick via @maphappy
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