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Get Free Travel Gear By Testing It on the Road for Us!

The only thing I might love more than traveling itself are things that enable me to travel. Bags, packing cubes, swastika power adapters, travel spice kits, bla bla.

But I can’t do it all myself. Map Happy is looking for road warriors who are interested in reviewing travel gear on the road (I’m a big fan of putting stuff through much of real life as possible). As much as we’d love to, we can’t be in 30 places at once, not without some help. The main upside? Get free gear doing what you normally do for free.1 Testers will also be given credit in the article.

There are a couple of guidelines we’ll be looking for in testers:

  • Testers should be able to pick and suggest a product
  • Products must be used on a consistently as part of a normal travel routine
  • Frequent travelers preferred, however we’re open depending on experience level. Testers should be able to provide a rough gauge how many miles were logged with the product
  • Consistency, responsiveness, reliability (*we will only contact you a handful of times at most!)
  • Be available for a minimum of two phone calls

If you’re interested in signing up, apply through the form below! A human being will be in touch.

1 footnote

  1. In 95% of the cases, we’ll let you keep the product for free. In some instances, review units must be sent back to the manufacturer. If this happens, Map Happy will provide $30 USD.
Get Free Travel Gear By Testing It on the Road for Us! via @maphappy
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