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Conquer Christmas Traffic Using Magic (Okay, Data)

Christmas might come late this year ’cause Santa’s stuck on I-95.

But, you know, he might be okay if he used Waze. Because Waze has come to the rescue once again. They’ve compiled user data from previous years just in time for the holidays. Here are the best and worst travel days this time around:

Worst Days To Travel

  • Wednesday [December 23]
    • Many drivers start their travel this day beginning at 11am. The highest peak of usage is between 3pm – 6pm, so hitting the road after work is an idea that should be reevaluated.
  • Thursday [December 24]
    • Another day with a large increase in traffic, beginning at 12pm and lasting all day, with an even higher increase of drivers in the evening hours.

Best Day To Travel

  • Friday [December 25]
    • Christmas day itself. App usage shows below average throughout the entire day, so if possible, get your travel in then!

After Christmas

  • Heading home? Watch out for heavy traffic on Sunday [December 27]. Sunday seems to be the worst day for drivers with an increase in all types of alerts reported. Increase of 87.7% in jam alerts, 13.7% in accident alerts, 23.2% in hazard alerts, and 32.6 in police alerts.
  • On Monday [December 28] there is relatively low traffic during the morning hours with an increase of travelers heading home from noon onward.
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