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The Best Place To Take a Business Call on the Run

Need to make a business call while you’re running between meeting locations? Look for these quiet spaces when a Starbucks just won’t do.

Nothing screams unprofessional like noisy hipsters ordering a matcha cake donut or baristas pounding the espresso machine in the background. Do you know what does make a great place to make phone calls when you’re trouncing around San Francisco or New York?

Hotel lobbies.

If I’m trapped out in the middle of the street, a hotel never seems to be far away. Luckily, most hotel lobbies tend to be somewhat calm, with some nice elevator mood music going and usually enough space that you won’t be sitting on top of someone while you talk. Side bonus: Sometimes there’s even a business center with computer and Internet usage available. Like the one I’m writing from.

Of course, depending on the hotel lobby, it could be a noisy clusterf*ck. If so, move on and take your chances with traffic noise outside until you find a more suitable establishment.

The Best Place To Take a Business Call on the Run via @maphappy
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