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The Drinking Game Everyone Should Play at the Airport at Least Once

NOTICE, there needs to be a lot of whiskey for this one.

Every time any of these things happen while traveling, take a swig. Props if you manage to get on the plane1.

  • It is a 6 A.M. flight.
  • Better yet, it is a red-eye flight. Hooray!
  • There is traffic to the airport.
  • The taxi to the airport costs $100.
  • There is a long line at check-in.
  • You left your ID at home.
  • There is a long line at security.
  • Your carry-on is weighed.
  • The flight is delayed.
  • The flight is cancelled.
  • You miss your flight.
  • The agent has bumped you from your seat.
  • You are sitting in a middle seat.
  • The agent has bumped you from the flight.
  • You miss your layover.
  • There is no space in the overhead bin.
  • You sit on the tarmac for 50 minutes.
  • You hate tweet at the airline from the tarmac.
  • The in-flight entertainment system is broken.
  • The passenger behind you is b*tching about the seat reclining.
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend has just broken up with you mid-flight. Great timing?
  • The bathroom is full, there are five people in line and there are six hours left in the flight.
  • Someone couldn’t pee correctly in the bathroom.
  • There is no free booze in sight.
  • The passenger next to you goes free willy and takes off his shoes.
  • You are trapped in between two of the biggest people you’ve ever seen in your life.
  • That’s the most terrible $10 roast beef sandwich you’ve ever had.
  • You pay for the water.
  • A nearby seatmate won’t shut up or stop talking.
  • Your phone just ran out of battery.
  • And so did your iPad.
  • And your laptop! BYE ENTERTAINMENT
  • You need to barf and there’s no barf bag in the seat back pocket.
  • There is a screaming baby somewhere in the vicinity.
  • Actually, the screaming baby is YOUR baby.
  • The mobile boarding pass randomly disappears off your phone.
  • Something is stolen from your luggage.
  • Someone takes your bag by mistake.
  • Your luggage is lost.
  • There’s nothing left but the clothes left on your back.
  • You didn’t buy insurance for this flight.
  • There is a line for the taxi once you arrive.
  • The taxi line takes you for a “drive around town.”
  • You get to finally where you need to be.

1 footnote

  1. Please do not consume alcohol if you are under the age of 21 or pregnant. Consult your local and onboard drinking laws.
The Drinking Game Everyone Should Play at the Airport at Least Once via @maphappy
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