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An Open Letter

This week, we are not going to have any more new stories. Everyone should take the time to process and deal with the election results how they want to.

Map Happy is a travel blog. Traveling and exploring is fundamentally about discovering different cultures, ideals and peoples. The values that we hold dear—for everyone here—are about cultural openness, inclusion, diversity, and most importantly, tolerance for different perspectives.

Culture, inclusion and tolerance should mean tolerance for everyone. No one should be excluded from that regardless of political, religious and cultural opinions. Everyone has a different background and different experiences, and these things should be celebrated.

These are the things that make us unique, and beautiful.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. Our motivations and goals are the same but sometimes the methods and opinions differ. I have an opinion, my mother has an opinion, our advertisers have an opinion. This is our opinion.

Respect these. Listen. Ask yourself why and how somebody might and act that the way that they do. Real perspective only happens when we stop and ask ourselves these questions.

It is most definitely not about moving to Canada when the time gets rough. Most of the people that have worked on this site have lived abroad for a large, significant portion of their lives, and I can tell you that being apart has probably only made us love this country more, not less.

Furthermore, if there’s anything that you read or watch about the election, please let it be this short video below.

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