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Today Is National Plan for Vacation Day

I’ve heard that in some cases it might be therapeutic for several people to go through the motions.

So let’s spend some an hour or two today, hanging out on KAYAK and Expedia, pretty blowing off as much as work email as possible. Maybe if I put a flight itinerary in the cart, and even if I don’t purchase it, it will make me feel better about myself. That’s how you curb binge shopping, right?

I mean, I’ve been planning an expedition to Antarctica only for four years now. I was supposed to take that last year, but maybe if I plan it again, this time it will really happen.

OOOH, I’ve heard Fiji and the Seychelles are pretty nice around this time of year.

Even better, let’s do it with a drink in the other hand. Maybe we should stick a little umbrella in our cocktail? Oooh, yes, that’s the breeze of why-the-fuck-do-I-live-in-the-U.S. blowing past us.

Do you think I can take Singapore Suites, Qatar or Emirates first or business there? I’m liking the look of this onboard bar where I get to roll around a bed like a princess. Can I be carried around like Cleopatra, with five handsome men as my princely servants? I think so too.

Then with all that money we saved by not going, why don’t we buy a BIG umbrella and stick it in our drink next to our desk? I BEAT you, little girl sipping on a coconut.

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I spend so much money on travel I can’t afford therapy anyways. (Jocelyn / Flickr)


Today Is National Plan for Vacation Day via @maphappy
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