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Check Out Air Zealand’s Best Safety Videos

Air New Zealand has had quite the reputation for grandiose safety videos. Um, not sure how we are feeling about the Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding, Jr. one though.

The airline has been creating these safety videos for 8 years, taking passengers to a fantastical fairy land while enlisting and (convincing) celebrites from Betty White and hometown heros All Blacks to rap over time.

But seriously, Holmes? That’s one step from enlisting Alec Baldwin and Samuel L. Jackson  to sign up for a Capital One credit card. ANZ,  you’re better than that. 

Here’s some of the best that we have rounded up:

This Men In Black Safety Defenders safety video released in 2015 star members of the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team. Specifically, Captain Richie McCaw and Dan Carter play actual Men in Black agents. Nothing like seeing rugby players and a talking pug basically rap about airline safety.

Because, Betty White.

New Zealand is pretty much never going to live to its reputation for Lord of the Rings down. We can all thank Peter Jackson for this one. Both Jackson and Elijah Wood are here to endorse the “official airline of Middle Earth.”

I mean.

For some reason, the only thing that comes to mind when I think about Bear Grylls is two words: bat poop. I mean, guano.

Check Out Air Zealand’s Best Safety Videos via @maphappy
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