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One in Four Women Say They Will Adjust Travel Plans Around Their Period

In this case, the monthlies matter because women are the primary decision makers when it comes to travel planning.

In our latest poll, 24% of women reported that they would delay or avoid traveling on the days that they had their period. Kinda interesting, considering that according to a 2015 study by Meredith Travel Marketing, 94% of women hold the purse strings when it comes to planning the next pursuit.

To break it down, out of that 24%, responses were equally split. Aย full 12% responded that they wouldn’t travel on their period, period. Another 12% would compromise somewhat, only saying they wouldn’t get on a plane on a day that they had their cycle.

However, most women (74%) responded that they would not let their biological processes stop them at all, and would endure the discomfort. Over 215 respondents answered our poll.

Here are the full results:

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