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Calculator: Figure Out How Much Booking at the Airport Will Save

Anything to save a dollar. But if that allows us to save for another trip, I guess you’ll do it.

Not too long ago, we discovered it’s possible to save some extra money by booking a plane ticket at the airport. For the most part, it is limited to budget airlines such as Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit. Anyways, this calculator figures out if the savings are worth the hassle the next time you’re swinging through...

There were some caveats to the entire process, though, namely, that it usually required more than one person traveling to justify any substantive financial gain. This was further compounded by the fact that booking baggage (if you needed it) was substantially higher at the airport than booking it online.

This calculator does not currently take into any account any airport baggage fees, but the next version will include it.

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