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How Long Do You Have To Date Someone Before Taking a Trip Together?

At some point in every relationship, there’s a question every couple encounters: How long do you have to date before taking a trip with them? How serious does it have to be?

In a recent anonymous poll of over 200 readers, we asked Map Happy readers this exact question.

Though the answers were somewhat evenly distributed across the board, the majority of readers (28 percent) said they’d only feel comfortable taking a trip with someone after dating for a year together. (But almost as many were willing to do it much earlier in the game, and 19% said they’d be willing to jump the gun after a week.)

I mean, a solid third, or 33 percent of respondents said they’d be comfortable taking a trip with someone after the first month.

Some people think traveling can often be a indicator of basic compatibility or, at the very least, how couples are able to work together as a team. But missing flights together isn’t exactly romantic on the first date.

Nor does every couple do it together. Sometimes, sometimes, you don’t need to be around each other 24/7.

See the full breakdown here:

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