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More Cocktail Recipes for Getting Smashed on the Next Flight

It’s not St. Paddy’s day anymore. I know that.

But when you’ve been bumped from a flight, hanging around Florida, trying to catch the next flight out to Peru, these cocktail recipes may alleviate some of the pain when you finally do make it on the plane. Better yet, all these cocktail recipes are easy to concoct with ingredients that can be obtained on most flights.

These recipes also come courtesy via JetBlue, so while the TrueLime and TrueLemon packets might not be available on every airline, the liquids can come from any brand or be supplied yourself. (Prices indicated reflect onboard prices.)

In case these recipes don’t suffice, trust there’s more in store. Proof we were alcoholics long, long ago.

Good reason to celebrate the arrival of spring?

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