Google Maps Launches “Where’s Waldo?” Game

Oh, Waldo. There’s definitely a soft spot for him, and if you don’t have one, you don’t have a heart.

Google Maps has launched a Where’s Waldo mini-game as part of April Fool’s day, but it will be pretty much available the entire week. Users will not only be able to find Waldo, but Wenda and his entire other gang if they so choose, and well, be able to share their locations with friends and family. 

(Speaking of, I should probably tell friends and family where I am.)

There isn’t particularly anything groundbreaking about the Where’s Waldo mini-game—other than the fact that the game is a true testament to the original, which is pretty much perfect. 

Per the official press release: 

To start the search, simply update your app or visit google.com/maps on desktop. Then press play when you see [Waldo] waving at you from the side of your screen. You can even ask the Google Assistant on your phone, Chromebook or Home device, “Hey Google, Where’s Waldo?” to start.

Meanwhile, there’s another Easter egg for Map Happy readers: Waldo has been a part of our site for a long time. Can you tell us where he is?

Google Maps Launches “Where’s Waldo?” Game via @maphappy
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[Google Maps]

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