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A Travel-Themed Music Video Playlist for the Next Adventure

Because we all need a playlist while we’re hitting the grindstone, right?

On that note, let’s amp up the speakers and waste even more time by cuing the visual imagery. These songs may evoke something on a pure auditory level, but sometimes it is the images that takes it to another level. Here are some of the most compelling travel music videos we’ve seen to spark that wanderlust from EDM prodigy Marshmello to pop sensation Lorde.

From an Up-like series of images that rouse wonder and imagination to lush jungles that evoke colonial travel periods (à la Painted Veil), these are our favorites to daydream the work day away.

Marshmello, “Fly”

Marshmello is always wearing a spacesuit, but here again, this EDM artist is finally able to put a modernistic and futuristic twist on what it means to have a dream and adventure. It’s not hard to feel like you’re flying.


Sweet Lizzy Project, “Turn Up the Radio”

This cover of Enrique Inglesias’ “Súbeme La Radio” flips the Spanish song on its head. Meaning, Sweet Lizzy Project, a Spanish-speaking Cuban band, does the opposite and covers the song in English. The music video is taken in one long, continuous shot (their first and final!) and depicts an unfinished hotel in Havana, Cuba in its full glorious decrepit state. It also is a perfect example of being able to find beauty in an imperfect and sometimes slightly ugly world.


OK Go, “Upside Down & Inside Out”

OK Go, best known for that treadmill video, hits it again with single “Upside Down & Inside Out,” where, well, they film everything in zero gravity. Float on, float on, Modest Mouse.


Coldplay, “Paradise”

Make fun of “Yellow” as much as you want, Coldplay always amps up the exoticism, even going so far as having Rihanna step in for an Asian princess cameo (love it!). Strangely, this depiction of elephants breaking free to the greater wider world and into the South African sun always seem to make some grabs at the heart strings.


Lorde, “Perfect Places”

Lorde, of course, in her sage wisdom and old-soul crooning, reminds us again that there is no such thing as perfect places, and that, of course, you can never truly run away from you.

A Travel-Themed Music Video Playlist for the Next Adventure via @maphappy
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