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The Most Annoying Travel Behavior Is Not Talking and Never Shutting Up.

Color us surprised to discover that most people don’t think talking incessantly is the worst one of all time.

Nope, it’s not taking off socks and shoes in the middle of transit, either, though that’s horribly gross. Genfare, a transportation agency, surveyed over 2,000 Americans to discover that the most annoying behavior is actually getting the back of your seat kicked, repetitively.

It’s a kid doing it, right?

In fact, talking is the fourth-most annoying behavior cited by these people, which makes us want to run our own poll.  (For full haterade mode, check out the JetBlue series on flight etiquette.)

Count me in as one of the 35% of people that put on their headphones to end a conversation like I do this post. I have no shame in admitting to that.

Here’s the full infographic.

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