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The Case for Packing Condiments, the Unsung Hero for Meals on the Run

Sometimes traveling means admitting… life resembles #hobodom much more than Instagram #superstardom you’d like to admit.

Even the most storied travel writers we know—those that have written for CNN, National Geographic, you name it—are as prone as the everyday man to descend on the bakery’s last few discounted bagels with no shame.

Eating on the road is terrible, but often all it takes is a spice or sauce for that splash of flavor to make a hastily cobbled together meal a bit more bearable. 

It’s a smart traveling habit as simple and effective as it sounds: Stashing a few take-out condiments into a Ziploc bag can be the culinary game changer for transforming a truly unsatisfying meal into something… well, edible. (It is really inhuman to eat pasta 20 times in a row.)

Even if that means a fascinating array of Nutella, mayonnaise, and brown sauce—for times you’re feeling a weird Irish flair on a quesadilla—there’s absolutely no one judging the times you have to save yourself from shit food.

It’s okay, home is coming.

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