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This Ingenious Purse Switch Trick May Just Outsmart Pickpockets

It pays to be one step ahead, knowing most pickpockets are going to reach for the purse first. This trick beats them to the punch.

Map Happy reader Nicole sends this tactic in, for those that plan to shop. The premise is there’s the main purse (man-purse*) and an ugly tote (shopping*) bag. Once the shopping is done, the bag contents are swapped to trick potential thieves.

Most pickpockets are likely only going to get one shot before someone notices, thus foiling the attempt.

It’s a particularly smart ploy that we haven’t thought of before, but then again, crime *actually* hasn’t been a major issue for us throughout the years. (It’s our firm belief prevention is the main thing. The key is deflecting attention off your person as much as possible.)

If they’re gonna go for anything, it might as well be that scarf you just bought, right? 

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