The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Donate to Make-A-Wish By Using This 25% Off Avis Discount Code

Tis the season for giving! It’s great to experience the world, and it’s also great to give back to it. 😁

To kick off the holiday season, Avis is partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation to give renters 25% off base rates with AWD# H749900. As a side bonus, 10% of the rental will be donated to Make-A-Wish to help grant wishes.

According to a Make-A-Wish spokesperson, this will be in effect from November 1 to December 3.

(For those who have no plans on renting a car anytime soon, Make-A-Wish also accepts airline miles. These are used to facilitate wish making.)

Doesn’t this give off the best kind of fuzzies? I’d like to think so!

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