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A Quick Update on Our Coronavirus Coverage

Map Happy will no longer post new coronavirus content (unless it requires a fair explanation). Instead, we will focus on updating our existing guide for new developments.

Our team is doing our best to pull together actionable content for those affected, though, often things are happening faster than we can keep up with. The situation is changing so frequently, that one minute Norwegian announces they are laying off 85% of their staff, and the next, Moroccan tourists are holed up in their hotel rooms for 14 days.

The new reality is getting through immigration is long, there are less flights for getting back home, and countries are closing borders faster than everyone is expecting.

It’s going to take a different mindset to get through it. If there’s only one thing we’ve learned in the past decade navigating bumps on the road, it’s that you always make it home eventually, even if it’s unclear at the present moment.

Regardless, know this: we got you, boo.


A Quick Update on Our Coronavirus Coverage via @maphappy
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