Travel Into the Holidays With the Monos Suitcase ⚡

This post is brought to you by Monos.

It’s the Golden Age of Suitcases, in our opinion, because there has never been more choice available for picking a suitcase with wheels that fly, with personal and baggage carousel distinction.

Enter Canadian-based retailer Monos, which has replicated the Apple ethos of design that strikes the right balance between functionality and style without being ubiquitous. Plus, those Canadians are just so darn nice.

The Terrazzo line is an Italian-marble inspired, limited-edition collection that’s perfect for those Euro-based Insta shots or would add any pizzaz to any Scandinavian backdrop. In fact, we took ours to a set of Indonesian islands. Living the fancy, schmancy life.

The carry-on suitcases retail for $280 but for a limited amount of time, Monos is running a Cyber Monday sale (ends December 7), discounting the suitcase for as low as $212.80. Use code CYBERMONDAY to apply the savings.

Reader Discount Because we love spreading the love! Use code MAPHAPPY5 for an additional 5% off.

The suitcases come with a lifetime limited warranty, and a 100-day return period, so that’s plenty of time to fly around the world in it if that’s your thing. It turns out we can fly around the world in less than that time, though.

Free shipping is included to the U.S. and Canada, so get it in for the Christmas holiday season. Check back in a little bit, for the full review, or let’s be honest, the full Indonesian holiday. 🏖️

Travel Into the Holidays With the Monos Suitcase ⚡ via @maphappy
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