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Can’t Figure Out How Much to Tip? Here’s a Map

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It’s not a definitive guide to tipping etiquette around the world, but its a start. It even covers what to do here in America, where we easily put other tippers to shame.

Generally, expect to tip in North America for most things. With a few exceptions, Australasia generally doesn’t tip. It also seems like some parts of Europe tip, while others don’t; I generally assume its included unless the website formerly known as Wikitravel says otherwise.

If you end up getting above-and-beyond service anywhere, tipping should probably follow no matter where you are. (It’s called human decency.) Hopefully, I’ll end up covering tipping more in-depth some time later on in the game, but this will have to suffice in the meantime!

The full map infographic can be found on Mint or download a printable version to stash in your suitcase here.

  • Ayden Fabien Férdeline

    This is news to me – I’ve been living in Australia for the past two years, and eat out three times a day – and I’ve NEVER encountered a restaurant that expects one to tip. And even when in France I would tip only on the rare occasion. For these reasons I question the accuracy of this info graphic. That being said, I do tip in the U.S. and Canada, because there is a genuine need to do so there given how unbelievably low wages are for those in the hospitality industry.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      I think its might be changing in Australia. When I was there, my friend (born and bred Australian) said things were slowly starting to change — especially in the nicer and trendier restaurants.

      I never tipped in France, but it does say that visitors aren’t expected to tip.

      • Bec

        I used to work as a bartender/waitress in a pub in Australia, while we didn’t expect tips it was always nice to get one! As a diner in Australia, I’ll generally tip if a) service was amazing or b) we created a lot of work e.g. big booking, special dietary requirements stuff like that. In other countries, I either tip as I do in Aus, or if I’m in a country where its expected the amount I tip is based on service quality (bad service = low tip, good service =bigger tip)

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Thanks for giving your input Bec!

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