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Bring a Pen Along for the Ride on the Plane

You’ve got to fill out all of those custom forms somehow, right?

If you’re hoping there will be pens by the time you hit the immigration hall, you might get lucky. (You also might be equally unlucky too.) Anyways, by the time you fill out your details, the entire fleet of that Boeing 777 you just got off of will be in line ahead of you. Make efficient use of your time by filling out the arrival card before you deplane.

I should say, don’t be afraid to go absolutely buck wild and bring two pens. Maybe even in crayon. There’s quite nothing like sitting in your airplane seat with ink running all over your fingers, while the guy next to you gives you the death stare. Try explaining that one to the flight attendant.

Weirdest it ever was, I asked to borrow a pen from a guy in line several spots ahead of me. Customs officer also decided to take his ol’ sweet time going through my passport, making Mr. Pen Man stand and wait for 20 minutes on the other side for his bolígrafo. I kept glancing on the other side, shooting him apologetic looks while he looked around impatiently. It must have been his favorite pen.

Bring a Pen Along for the Ride on the Plane via @maphappy
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