Drop a Business Card Inside to ID Your Suitcase

Every time a gate attendant hands me a name tag at check-in, I hastily scribble the basics down. That’s because I don’t trust people not to lose my luggage.

More often times than not, your checked-in luggage will arrive at your destination safe and sound. But things can and have gone awry; albeit even if the last time it happened to me was back in 1994. Granted I was eight years old, but tell that to a young child whose favorite teddy bear just magically disappeared into the abyss. But I suspect I’m digressing here…

In lieu of luggage tags, the Wall Street Journal has an ingenious tip for those who are too lazy to scribble down their contact information or if your bag tag gets mangled en route:

Put a business card inside your bag. If the name tag and bag tag get eaten by airline baggage machinery, and many do, the airline will open your bag to try to identify the owner.

For better results, put the card right on top of all your belongings in an easy-to-spot place. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Drop a Business Card Inside to ID Your Suitcase via @maphappy
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[Wall Street Journal]

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