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Reuse an Old Pillowcase as a Dirty Laundry Bag

How are you going to distinguish the clean undies from not-so-fresh undies? Well, MSNBC has a great tip on reusing an old pillowcase to separate dirty clothing.

If you happen to have an extra or unused pillowcase lying around, guess what! You’ve got a dirty laundry bag for your next trip. Assuming it’s not a cover for a body pillow, we say go for it. Why anyone would want to burn $20 for a travel laundry bag is beyond me, and there are better things to do with your money. (Can someone make the case for me?)

A separate laundry bag separates your stuff from the Toms you just muddied on a four-day trek. Shoes, on the other hand, are best kept in a plastic bag because of the dirt they tend to accumulate. The best part is that no one has to know what kind of sheets you actually sleep in.

Reuse an Old Pillowcase as a Dirty Laundry Bag via @maphappy
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[Independent Traveler / MSNBC]

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