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Gabriel Leigh Records the World of Travel Addiction

If you haven’t seen Gabriel Leigh’s short documentary on frequent flying yet, it’s an absolute must. Though “Frequent Flyer” was shot in 2009, the obsession still hasn’t changed.

The 20-minute documentary talks about the issues of elite status, mileage running and even includes an interview that involves a flight halfway around the world just to talk to renowned writer Pico Iyer. (Iyer is best known for his travel pieces in Bloomberg Businessweek and TIME; arguably, his most poignant piece was in a little magazine called the Shambala Sun. It’s sort of the ultimate—pardon my language—jizz piece over the joy of traveling.)

Leigh eventually plans to release a feature-length film based on the short, though it’s pretty unclear when that’s going to happen. Either way, the video presents an interesting take on the world of mileage running — and as someone who does just enough travel to slightly identify with these crazy folks, it’s a point for self-reflection and a tad disturbing all at the same time.

Gabriel Leigh Records the World of Travel Addiction via @maphappy
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